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quote from Valerie;Quote

Everyone who actually heard Perry Stone, said that they couldn't find anything wrong in what he said.  That is because they HEARD him and there WASN'T anything wrong in what he said.
dear Valerie, I have heard Perry many times, he comes out with statements, that are  prophetic,  then those things he predicts do not come to pass...that is wrong.....the Bible says that if someone makes a prophetic statement and it does not come to pass, he should be stoned!
Now I don't wish that on Perry Stone, but it is in the Bible, which also says we must be like the Bereans and search the Scriptures daily to make sure what we hear is in there....have you done that? Checked out what he says?

   Is  there " 0"  tolerance  with the  bible?
Perrys  tolerance  is  what?  with  the  Lord?
The  way  i  see  it,,  Is  read  bible..  And  lisson to no  one,  Because  it  confuses  you.
 But i lesson  to  meny..   Is that " 0"  tolerance.  Jest  reading  the  bible  and  not  trying 
to  share it  with  others  and  getting it  all  messed up.

Its  a long  road  to  get  to  "0"  tolerance  wtih  the  bible.
So  i  will  lesson  to  perry  and  others  tell  i  can dissearn  "0" tolerance...Buy  then  ill  be  100yrs old.!!

Its  jest  talk,  Tell  Jesus  returns... :cross1)

Valerie, I had to read your post a few times and I am sorry to hear your mean spirited comments you have angrily expressed to our concerns.

Pastor Perry's communion package for sale and its healing claims are false teaching and merchandizing.
He "sells it" and you may buy it, but I can not. I am offended by any person who would sell this precious sacrament of Remembrance (or any Biblical teaching )as a product for healing and turn away from such persons.

Self proclaimed prophets and ministers are held to a high Biblical standard and it is the God breathed right and responsibility for every child of God to evaluate their teachings and discern them according to the Bible.

Still, I do share your concern that many in ministry and the Church are under attack with false accusations. This concerns me too. That being said, I have a sincere love for Pastor Perry, his love for Jesus, and his evangelical outreach, despite many the concerns I have.
I am not aware of his prophetic statements and am unable to comment on them. I hold him in prayer with an abiding hope for the Lord to Bless him and guide him in his ministry.

This thread does not "prove Perry Stone is a bad person", but cautions our friends to be on high alert to false teaching, and "money changers" in the body of Christ and to discern them and all doctrines by the Word of God which we (every believer in Jesus Christ) are expressly taught to do in Gods Holy Bible. I am sorry you have a problem with that, and I sincerely hope you understand it is wrong and dangerous for you to discourage any believer from exercising a Berean heart.

I am truly sorry if I have offended you and conversations like this are never easy, because of the hard feelings that result from such disagreements. Hoping and praying for the Lord to bless us, heal our wounded hearts and words, correct and guide us to a greater love and understanding for each other, in Jesus name.

Hello Valerie;

I am sorry you are so offended. I found the same attitude when we shared our deep concerns in regards to such false teachers as Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Hagan, Jan and Paul Crouch, and the list goes on and on.

There are some concerns with Perry Stone:

1) His association with TBN and their Positive Confession/Wealth and Prosperity teaching. His appearance with Paula White is a deep concern as he lends credibility to a proven false teacher.

2) His daily communion teaching has a strong Roman Catholic feel, and there is a concern if it would begin to unite with RCC apostasy and even into transubstantiation.

3) You yourself use the "claiming the healing God has given us" which you credit to Perry Stone and is straight out of Word Of Faith teachings:


It is not the cracker that brings healing but claiming the promise of healing that God has given us through Christ's sacrifice and, if any of you had bothered to read the book he wrote on this or listen to the sermon he preached on this you would know these things.

Name it and claim it and by your faith you can speak your healing/reality into existence. If you lack faith, if you question your healing then you limit God's ability to bless you.

If someone is sick, if someone does not get healed, if someone suffers in this life then they must lack faith as those of true faith will prosper according to worldly standards, especially if they send in their Seed Faith Donation.


The Bible also says that you are to keep your hands off those who are God's called.  To me this means that you should not tear down someone who does God's work.  You should be very careful about attacking other Christians, especially when you have not even thoroughly researched what you are saying.  Perry Stone never says anything to a congregation that he has not researched and prayed about and I suspect that those of you who were so critical did neither of these things.  Shame on you.  As for the ones who have actually heard this man, none of them had any criticism of him.

What you are referencing is that obscure passage from 1 Chronicals 16:22 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.


One of the most common errors found in Christianity today is that particular persons, usually pastors or evangelists, are somehow more "anointed" than the average Christian. This teaching often coincides with a veiled threat in the form of "touch not mine [the Lord's] anointed," (I Ch. 16:22, Ps. 105:15).

The term "anointing" means to "authorize, or set apart, a person for a particular work or service," (Is.61:1). The New Testament is absolutely clear on whom the anointing rests - ALL of Christ's disciples, who are God's very own, set apart and commissioned for service (2 Cor. 1:21). The New Testament does not support the notion of a "greater" anointing based on "position" and such teaching has its origin in a fundamental misunderstanding of the relationship between the Old and New Testaments.

Proponents of this error fail to use careful exegesis to discern the difference between the Old Testament call of a "prophet," where the anointing rested on one man (Is. 61:1, I Sam. 26:9,11, 2 Sam. 22:51, 2 Chr. 6:42), and the New Testament call of a "priesthood of believers" (I Pet. 2:5,9). Certainly there are diversities of gifts, but the Spirit [or anointing] remains the same (I Cor. 12). Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, and many others have long terrorized God's people with "touch not mine anointed" nonsense if anyone dared question them or their teaching. Anyone who has a gift (all have gifts, 1 Cor. 12:7-11), has a ministry, and anyone who has a ministry, has authority and is anointed.

The Lord told us to beware of wolves in sheeps clothing, to be fruit inspectors. We are to use righteous judgement and to be Berean and search out the scriptures if this be so, and to study to show ourselves approved.

If these could not sell themselves and their product they would not be successful. They have to be able to scratch the itching ears, to perform upon demand.

Katherine Kuhlman could put on a stunning show, and wring out the emotions from her followers, but Joni Erickson was rolled right out the back door in her wheel chair without being prayed for by the master manipulator in the white gown. The one whose mantel Benny Hinn has received at her gravesite.

You can come in and condemn us till the cows come home, and it will not make any difference, as we stand for the Word of God and we will not be moved. Our hearts will be sorrowed that you continue to follow those who are questionable.

What fellowship hath light with darkness? How can Perry Stone IF he is a true man of God, sit in fellowship with Paula White and any of the other snakeoil salesman on TBN, and lend credence to their respective ministries by his fellowship as one elder to another?


Perry Stone never says anything to a congregation that he has not researched and prayed about and I suspect that those of you who were so critical did neither of these things.  Shame on you.  As for the ones who have actually heard this man, none of them had any criticism of him.  Only those who had only read a catchy title like "Meal that Heals" and read what they wanted into it condemned him.

"Never says anything" is a sweeping generality which is in essence a false statement as you are not privy to this man's every sermon since he began preaching at age 16.

"None of them had any criticism of him" another sweeping generality which is in essence a LIE as you have not personally contacted each person that has listened to this man's sermons. There are those who have listened/watched this man and have concerns.

Once again the concern is that he is compromised and in fellowship with major error and false teaching in TBN. Also his teaching according to your own words borders on the "claim it/receive it" aspects of the false Word of Faith teaching.


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