Mormon Takeover?

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i've been wondering lately if we are having some kind of mormon takeover in the USA. there is a mormon presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, and a television show about fundamentalist mormons, Big Love.

   but what's really got my attention is that they are becoming more and more a prescence here where i live. frankfort kentucky is pretty much the backside of nowhere, we are always 5-10 years behind the rest of the world. the mormons built a temple or whatever they call it here about 10 years ago. and just over the past year, there have been the young guys with the white shirts and the pocket protectors going up and down my street. i'd never seen them before that. right across the street from the building i work in, an apartment building built by "Beehive Industries" or something like that just went up.

  i know that the American west is ate up with 'em, but they have never been a prescence around here at all, now they are everywhere. anybody else seeing this happening where you live?

Funny you should mention that. We drove though very rural South Carolina in June on a trip to and from the coast and I thought that it was really strange that in several small communities (not even one traffic light towns), there were  prominant Morman churches along the highway (not Baptist as I would have expected). I made a comment to my husband that they must be taking over South Carolina.

I live in the west, in a Mormon suburb, they own the politics, the schools,  and isn't it funny, where most churches support Christian missionaries around the world, helping
underprildged souls or, even the catholics, with hospitals, at least helping people, the mormons spend their tithings on buying businesses, like jamba juice, coca-cola, (yeah,
they can't drink caffeine, except for coke products cuz they own it.)  and hotels.  They are buying up alot of land to build businesses on.  And now it looks like they are turning their "missionary " focus on the little christian towns, here in america, trying to suck them up!  What do all these business's their church owns have to do with Christianity?  Did you know that to become a deacon in their church has nothing to do
with his expertise in the church teachings, it is determined by how successful a businessman he is.   But, I think the greater threat to america is Rev Moon, who has been hiding under the covers lately, but is even more dangerous than the mormons.
(funny how I keep finding myself typing morons, and have to correct it!} fate? Gods will? :}

I don't like name calling , but "morons"....that's funny! ;D

Hi guys,  I had no intention of calling any one names,  it just happened that every time I tried to type mormon, it came out moron and I had to keep correcting my typing, and kinda thought it was funny how that kept happening.  It was just a typo of the word, not calling anyone names.  I have a few mormon  "friends",  we have a mutual respect for each other as people,  they don't try to convert me, I don't try to convert them, just
witness by example, and l'm sure they pray for me as much as I pray for them to seek the truth.


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