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Biblical prophecy is a passion for many who wander our halls, and truly we live in heady times as we are seeing the very fulfillment of many prophecies foretold 2000-3000 years ago! Here we can gather to post, discuss, speculate and/or even debate how complex current events may fit into that which is prophesied in Godís Holy Word.

Before entering in, understand that we take Scripture very seriously and seek truth while maintaining a balance of unity and fellowship (Ephesians 4:25-5:2; and I Corinthians 13:2). Sometimes we may get heated, or have a brother or sister get called down Ďas iron sharpens iron.í In the midst of it all we trust God is working in us to grow us into the image of Christ while also working through us as a light to the world.

To learn more about what we believe or to get an overview or different facets of major issues we see in the world today, from apostasies in the church to real and imagined global conspiracies, please consider some of the links at the left. We may not all agree on each of the items presented herein, but we understand the need for vigilance as watchmen on the wall.

Again, welcome to our fellowship and we hope you will stay and learn or even contribute.

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